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K&A Nutrition supplies a large number of durable medical supplies and standard medical supplies to various locations including single family homes, group homes, and large facilities. We are a certified provider with State of Oklahoma DDSD Waiver and Long Term Care, Advantage Waiver as well as with Medicare. Our fast growing company distributes incontinence products, formula, thickeners and specialized medical supplies. We serve clients throughout the state of Oklahoma.



We distribute a vast array of incontinence products to meet your needs. We carry all major brands, including but not limited to, Attends, Tena, Kendall, Depends, Molicare, Medline, and Tranquility. We also provide breathable briefs for those with skin integrity issues. We provide youth sizes products that are harder to find for people between the weights of 35 to 85 pounds. Our costumer service representatives can help you find the brand and/or sizes that fit each persons needs.

  • Liners

  • Under Pads: Disposable and Washable

  • Wipes

  • Briefs 

  • Pull-ups

  • Belted Undergarments

  • Gloves


Specialized Medical Supplies:

We have available most of the specialized medical supplies needed. 

  • Colostomy Supplies

  • Wound Care Supplies

  • Urology Supplies


Our team of dietitians is always available to review nutrition plans and make recommendations. If necessary, they can do a complete dietary analysis based on the 17 nutritional components. The can also discuss concerns with the doctor. We supply a number of different feeding supplies.

  • Enteral Products and Supplies

  • Specialty Products

  • Modular Products

  • Supplements

  • G Tubes

  • Mic-key

  • Gravity Feeding Bags

  • Pump Bags

  • Syringes

Food Thickener:

We can help individuals as well as facilities find the right products to achieve the best consistencies based on their physical and monetary needs. Our dietitians are available to discuss issues and make recommendations. They can also discuss concerns with the doctor. We carry a variety of food thickener brands in both gel and powder, as listed below.

  • Thick & Easy

  • XTG - Extra Thickening Gel

  • Simply Thick

  • Thick It

  • Thick It II

  • Pre-thickened Beverages (such as water and juice)

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