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Individual Wellness Coaching

K&A Nutrition provides one-on-one consultations in our office to discuss topics involving health & wellness, weight loss, nutrition, and medical nutrition therapy for special needs. Consultations are one hour in length and payment is expected in full in conclusion of consultation.

Corporate Wellness Coaching

Many companies are adopting wellness coaches for their employees. It has been shown that nutrition reduces health care costs. Placing an emphasis on nutrition, health, and wellness can greatly reduce the risk for illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. K&A Nutrition can create a wellness program specifically for your company and help promote employee health.

Diabetes Education

We have experienced staff that provides diabetes nutrition education workshops. Certificates of continuing education can be obtained through our workshops. We provide training in identifying diabetic risk factors, identifying the different forms of diabetes, the symptoms involved, and the medical consequences that that follow.

Weight Loss & Obesity Education

Currently, nearly two-thirds of US adults are overweight, and nearly one-third are obese (based on the website National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases – NIDDK). Our staff educates all different individuals and companies about obesity. The educators emphasize the importance of preventing it and the health consequences that it represents for the individuals. We have different educational programs in place that can be tailored to meet the individual or company's needs.

Keeping businesses and the individuals that run them, healthy and well.

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